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We are back

Andrew here. 

So... I launched a collection 18 months ago and from the feedback I started to build a vision for a brand that I knew could be something great. And I knew that was what I wanted Houndsditch to be, but my vision required more than the usual effort to design and launch a collection. 

I packed up my life and headed to Portugal as I knew this was the only place my swimwear dreams could come true. I had to put Houndsditch on hold for the past 12 months while I built, built and built.

What was I building?

A brand that  always has your size in stock, a brand that knows what style of swimwear you like, a brand that is constantly releasing new prints, that is experimenting and is innovating and a brand that uses recycled fabrics to help clean our oceans.

Houndsditch is now all of this and more.

And this is only the beginning. There is so much more we want to do. Join our journey; follow us, chat with us. 

I'm on whatsapp so message me +44 (0) 789 44 32 866

I'm going to do more blog posts about my journey so far. But for now I think the products speak for themselves. So, here it is; Houndsditch 2.0, let me know what you think :-)


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