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Artist Profile: Sophie Allin

Meet Sophie; living the dream in Hawaii. She designed for us an amazing turtle print that received serious love on social media. She found time to speak to us; file this one under lifestyle goals. 

Where are you now?

In Hawaii, on the island of Oahu.

Houndsditch swimwear


What are you doing there?

Studying Fashion Design and Merchandise, with a minor in Art (Graphic Design focus) , and a swimmer on the UH swim team, currently in my senior year!


But you’re from England?

Correct! I was fortunate enough to get a swimming scholarship!


Artist, designer, athlete or all three?

All three!


Top three inspirations for good design?

Colour, texture and good lines


What do you wear most; bikinis, one pieces or shorts?

Bikinis and one pieces, particularly ones that are made with lovely fabric, and have beautiful designs and bright colours I love to wear!


We love your baby turtles print! Where can I get it?

The one piece

Turtles One piece swimsuit


and the swim shorts :-) the bikinis are coming soon xxx

I want to follow you on social media, where can I find you?

Instagram : @soph_allin



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