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Yoochai Launch Party

A huge thanks to Yoochai who invited us to their launch party and let us exhibit our collection at the event. 

Who are Yoochai?

They connect young brands with the hottest retail and exhibition spaces in Lisbon; from pop up shops to galleries. If you're wandering around Lisbon and see a cool brand selling in a cool retail space, chances are Yoochai put them there.

If you are a young brand like us. they're an invaluable resource so we advise you check them out:


What happened at the party? 

We exhibited some key pieces at the event and also debuted our new bikinis. It was a soft launch for the bikinis, but the feedback from everyone was great.

Houndsditch swimwear collection

We set up a mini studio with a back drop and lights for a photoshoot with the lovely Matilde.

Houndsditch photoshoot

We took over the champagne bar temporarily

Houndsditch Pineapple One Piece swimsuit

And the smoothie bar...

Houndsditch smoothie bar

And the DJ booth

Houndsditch DJ booth swim suit

Some sneak peaks at the new bikinis ;-)

Houndsditch Bikini

Houndsditch Bikini

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