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Bikinis anyone? Sneak peak.


Andrew here. I've been developing our new bikinis and it has been a lot of work. Lots of sampling, fitting, feddback and then back to square one. The toughest part is that one fit can be perfect for one person, but require slight adjustments to suit the tastes of some one else. 

Good news is that I've settled on a design and I'm pretty sure we've nailed it. The biggest issue with bikinis according to the ladies I've spoken to is butt coverage; how much it too much vs too little. Since I make to order I am hopefully taking this out of the equation by offering three different coverages; low, mid and high coverage. I'm just tweaking the different coverages before we launch the bikini. Here are some pics.


Matilde wearing the night jungle print

Houndsditch Bikini Top

The bottom is a seamless Brazilian style (some call it a Hawaiin style).  It sits low, uses lower resistance elastics and is sewn with lower tension. This results in a very natural looking fit that has had the ladies who have been testing for me saying it is an incredibly comfortable bikini.

Houndsditch Bikini Bottom

I'm planning for this bikini bottom to be the mid coverage with the low coverage taking about 25mm off the side and the full coverage adding 25mm.Houndsditch Bikini

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