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Artist Profile: Flora Grosvenor Stevenson

Flora Artist

Meet Flora; graduate in fine art from Central Saint Martins and the creative mind behind the psychedlic balloon print.

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We asked you to make us a print because you are a master of colour; what's your favourite?

I like that, "master of colour" I might use that as a way of introducing myself from now on. My fave is orange. 


What's is your art and design background?

I did my degree in fine art at Central Saint Martins. 

I always wanted to be in fashion or music but then doing a fine art was a way for me to make and do whatever I wanted. I've got a lot of collaborations coming up towards the end of this year and a very exciting project underway at the moment so watch this space! 


We tracked you down after seeing one of your murals in London. Have you done any more of those?

Oh yeah so you did! I'm actually due to paint another within the next couple of weeks- slightly different vibe from that one though. I haven't done any more murals as such; not ones that are meant to be there anyway. But I've had work off the back of that one which has been really exciting and I'm always open and keen for different commission ideas. 


Design philosophy?

Kitsch anarchy. 

Do what you believe in and jump in- not face first or you might lose your teeth (tell that to 14 year old flora)- don't worry about money and don't worry about people. Be yourself and then, like, be you but you covered in glitter. 


What would David Bowie Do? 


Pool or Beach? 

I love them both! It's tricky to answer that! Ideally I'd like to spend a day on the beach then an evening in an outdoor pool.


Favourite style of swimwear?

I suppose i like bikini's- last year started my slight obsession, up until then I was always a one piece girl I still have a soft spot for them but at the moment it's bikinis.


Summer plans?

I'm planning on going to a bunch of UK festivals aside from that nothing solid, i really want to disappear out of London for a while! It's got really grey. 


In your mind, what would the perfect situation to wear the psychedelic balloon print?

I would love to see this people in this print in Hawaii, Really I mean I would love to be seen in this print in Hawaii, haha. 

I just think for me there is no ideal situation, he print itself is just fun so as long as anyone who wears it feels happy then I'll be happy! None of this beach body ready stuff!!! Wear these balloons with pride and be happy with yourself. 


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