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Yoochai Launch Party

A huge thanks to Yoochai who invited us to their launch party and let us exhibit our collection at the event.  Who are Yoochai? They connect young brands with the hottest retail and exhibition spaces in Lisbon; from pop up shops to galleries. If you're wandering around Lisbon and see a cool brand selling in a cool retail space, chances are Yoochai put them there.

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Artist Profile: Sophie Allin

Meet Sophie; living the dream in Hawaii. She designed for us an amazing turtle print that received serious love on social media. She found time to speak to us; file this one under lifestyle goals.  Where are you now? In Hawaii, on the island of Oahu.   What are you doing there? Studying Fashion Design and Merchandise, with a minor in Art (Graphic Design focus) , and a swimmer on the UH swim team, currently in my senior year!   But you’re from England? Correct! I was fortunate enough to get a swimming scholarship!   Artist, designer, athlete or all three? All three!   Top three inspirations for good design? Colour, texture and good lines   What do you wear...

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Our eco credentials… so far

Hey guys, Andrew here (@andrew_an_drew) A lot of people have been asking us about our fabrics; everyone loves that they are recycled. It makes people feel good and makes our oceans feel good.  

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