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About Us

Sun, Salt & Style

Conceived in London, made in Lisbon


My name is Andrew, the designer behind Houndsditch. 

I’m half Costa Rican, half Scottish; weird combination, I know. Imagine someone really pale who hates the cold.

Houndsditch started as a swim short collection in the summer of 2014. From the feedback of my first collection I started to build a vision for a brand that I knew could be something great. And I knew that was what I wanted Houndsditch to be, but my vision required more than the usual effort to design and launch a collection.

I packed up my life and headed to Portugal as I knew this was the only place my swimwear dreams could come true. I had to put Houndsditch on hold for 12 months while I sourced, sampled and prototyped.

And the results are great. We now have the ability to customise our masterpieces for every customer. Want that short longer? No problem. That one piece with a higher leg? Done.

Also, we use post-consumer recycled materials wherever we can. For example, plastics that would otherwise end up polluting our beautiful oceans end up in the fabrics we produce with. What’s more, the majority of our production is made to order, greatly minimizing waste.

Basically, I wanted to make buying swimwear as fun as wearing it. And this is just the beginning; there is a lot more to come.


Houndsditch is on an incredible journey; join in on instagram, twitter and facebook

Or connect with me, Andrew, on whatsapp +44 (0) 7894432866 



Houndsditch Ltd.

483 Green Lanes
London, N13 4BS